We are unlike any of the other carpet cleaners, period. Since 1975, Re-Vive Carpet Cleaners has striven to implement trustworthy, genuine, and expert services. With a comprehensive knowledge of the carpet cleaning business, we are fully qualified to answer any questions or solve any cleaning issues you may have. We excel at cleaning all types of fabric including carpet, upholstery, and area rugs. We are also experts with tough-to-clean stains and foul odors. At Re-Vive Carpet Cleaners, there is no job too big or small and be assured that the work we do is the best.

Original Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning and shampooing with a rotary scrubber were once thought to be the best methods for cleaning carpets. The biggest issue with dry cleaning was that extremely dirty carpet was difficult to clean thoroughly, and many of the original spots and stains would not subside. Shampooing would leave behind a lot of chemicals even when vacuumed immediately following its application. When this occurred it would leave the carpets sticky and even more prone to attracting dirt than before.

Steam cleaning came about after dry cleaning and shampooing and was originally thought to fix some of the issues encountered by the older methods. Steam cleaning does not actually use steam rather it uses a hot cleaning solution that is put into the carpet fibers and immediately removed using a powerful vacuum. Unfortunately, this method also has its shortcomings and doesn’t consistently get spots and spills out entirely. Furthermore, this method does not fully clean extremely dirty carpets without the assistance of other cleaning systems. Steam cleaning units are portable and easy to maneuver, however, other steps are generally necessary to get carpet cleaned properly.

Truck mounts arrived some time later giving the carpet cleaner a more powerful, faster, and deeper cleaning experience. Power and speed are very important in getting carpets cleaned thoroughly. This method of cleaning creates tremendous amounts of heat and suction, necessary for dirty carpets. However, to get carpets the cleanest, we have a time-tested method to ensure you receive the highest standard of clean possible.

Our Cleaning Method

First we concentrate on all stains, discolorations, spills, and spots, treating them with the proper cleaning solutions. Next, we shampoo to get hold of the oils that have built up so we can loosen the soil and extract all of the dirt and grime. After we have done all of this we use the steam cleaner to rinse the carpet. We guarantee our cleaning method will leave your carpets and upholstery looking like new.

The Other Cleaners Method

Many carpet cleaning companies are well known for leaving behind spots and stains even after they have assured their clients that everything is clean. These carpet cleaners usually only clean the top layer of the carpet or fabric, allowing deeper spots and stains to resurface within a month. In the high traffic areas of homes these issues arise more often than in other parts. This is why shampooing the carpets first is the best way to ensure your carpets are done right. When the other carpet cleaning companies only use the truck mount system, it can make the carpet wetter than necessary making the cleaning solutions increasingly difficult to fully extract. With our method, we shampoo once then use the truck mount steam extraction system for a deeper and more professional clean.